The study program Scene Architecture and Technique is designed to develop students’ creative abilities and specific knowledge required for the design, technical elaboration and realization of complex performing spaces and performing events; conception, articulation and realization of the stage equipment of the spectacle; as well as the conception, elaboration and realization of independent and joint projects in the field of scene architecture, technique and technology. Upon completion of the study program, students acquire a high level of competence in the design, use and presentation of performing space and performing events, as well as a sovereign knowledge of technical production, promotion and management of performing events.

The program is intended for professionals from various fields, especially the field of scene architecture, technique and technology, who have the desire for further professional development in the field of design and realization of objects and spaces of the spectacle. Candidates who have previously completed graduate academic studies in one of the study programs at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, or at one of the faculties of technical orientation in the country or abroad, with at least 240 ECTS credits, can apply for enrollment in the master’s academic studies for the study program Scene Architecture and Technique.

This study program is a combination of engineering and art fields, and during the studies it is possible to achieve a focus on scene architecture and technology and/or the technical production of performing events. The studies last one year (2 semesters), during which students acquire 60 ECTS and the academic title of Master Engineer of Scene Architecture and Technique.

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