Aleksandar Maričić

Aleksandar Maricic

Aleksandar Maričić (Sremska Mitrovica, 1986) has finished his Interior architecture studies in Belgrade on Faculty for Art and Design, with graduate thesis Museum of Humanity. Mentor on the final thesis was Zorica Savicic. After completing his studies, he went abroad to start a career in architecture and design. In the beginning, he held a freelance job and worked for nursing home to provide living costs. After a while, he got a chance to work as an architect. He was involved in different types of projects during that time, both as an architect and a road planner. In the studio he was working for he got an opportunity to design car showroom for Hyundai and Mitsubishi, which won first award in the competition. He is currently enrolled in Master studies of Scene Architecture and Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.