Selena Bačkalić

Selena Backalic

Selena Bačkalić (Zrenjanin, 1995) graduated in the year of 2019 from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, at the department of Scene Architecture, Technique and Design, with the thesis Prison – public special structure. In the year 2020th she enrolled into the master academic studies of Scene Architecture and Design, at the same faculty. She participated as one of the organizers of the student festival Impuls!, as well as workshops based on the area of architecture and scene design (The Street Musicians Festival, Novi Sad). Moreover, she presented within group studio exhibitions (City of Sand, Sremska Mitrovica). She is the creator of the scenography for the theater play Parade (Youth Theater), as she is assisted Biljana Grgur, costume designer, for the play Hair (co-production of the Youth Theater and the Novi Sad Theater) and Kad sam bio garav (Youth Theater).