about us

SUB-DEPARTMENT OF ARTS AND DESIGN is the organizational unit of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

It consists of two chairs: Chair of Scene Design and Chair of Arts.

The department was formed in 2017, in order to take over the realization of all the study programs in the field of scene design (bachelor, master and doctoral studies) at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Sub-department of Arts and Design also includes Scen – Center for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology, which is the national center of the international association OISTAT for Serbia.

The task of the Center is to develop professional and public activities in the field of scene architecture, technique and design, in cooperation with other educational institutions, cultural institutions, as well as social communities.

480x270 Head of Sub-department:
Tatjana Dadić Dinulović,
full professor
e-mail: td.dinulovic@uns.ac.rs
480x270 Deputy Head of Sub-department:
Mia David,
associate professor
e-mail: mia.david@uns.ac.rs
480x270 Assistant to Head of Sub-department and Scen (OISTAT Serbia) Executive Director:
Janko Dimitrijević, asistent
e-mail: j.dimitrijevic@uns.ac.rs
480x270 Head of Chair of Scene Design:
Aleksandra Pešterac, assistant professor
e-mail: a.pesterac@uns.ac.rs
Head of Chair of Arts:
Slađana Milićević, assistant professor
e-mail: s.milicevic@uns.ac.rs
Scen (OISTAT Serbia) Director and Curriculum Advisor:
PhD Radivoje Dinulović, full professor
e-mail: r.dinulovic@uns.ac.rs