Study programme Scene Design at the PhD Studies in Arts aims at developing synthetic relatioship concerned with thinking, creation, production, promotion and realization of performing events, in the widest sense possible. The programme is interdisciplinary and is intended for experts in a wide range of different fields – from architecture, applied arts and design, to performing and visual arts, as well as technical and social sciences. The programme is specially intended for artists, experts and researchers whose main fields of interest are scene design and performing space. The main field that students deal with involves research of art practices concerned with scene design, systematised through three key branches – Scene Design in Theatre, Design of Non-theatre Spectacle and Scene Design as Multimedial Art. Also, special attention is paid to theory and criticism of scene design.

Study programme Scene Design at the PhD Studies in Arts is open for candidates who completed undergraduate and master academic studies at some of the appropriate study programmes at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, or at some of the Faculties of Art, Technical Sciences or Social Sciences in Serbia or abroad, with at least 300 ECTS and average mark above 8,00. PhD studies last for three years (6 semesters) and, by the end, students are obliged to collect at least 180 ECTS. Upon completion of studies, students gain academic degree Doctor of Arts – Scene Design.


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