Opening Night: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

otvaranje KCNS 029


concept: Miljana Zeković, Višnja Žugić
realisation: Ephemeral Architecture team 2010/11
supervision: Radivoje Dinulović
participants/authors: students of Ephemeral Architecture course 2010/11
supporter: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Reconstruction of Novi Sad Cultural Centre’s building which took it’s time during a few years ended finally in 2010. Its opening was celebrated through a major event on the square in front of the building in 2011. We were asked to take an active role in this happening and our participation involved 22 students of architecture taking part in two-phased workshop and a guerrilla performance at the location during the event. The space research resulted in proposition of a “vertical-stage” structure – a scaffold constructed in juxtaposition to conventional stage, which was used spontaneously during the event and used as an artistic framework for students’ final dramatic performance.