Vanishing City: Invitation to the Final Night


concept: Miljana Zeković, Višnja Žugić
guest mentor: James Dalton
participants/authors: students of Ephemeral Architecture course 2011/12
supporter: INFANT, Novi Sad
This project consists of 5 video works derived from a 5 days workshop organized for students of architecture. This workshop was anticipated as a sort of video-liberation/emancipation of students, since the plan was to get them acquainted and receptive to learn through new media and get them involved into making short videos about space. They have embraced different media as an alternative way of learning about space, in comparison with well known methods widely used in architectural education. As a result we produced short videos which showed deeper understanding of space, wider alternative meanings of space and told different stories about spaces, both real and imaginary.



authors’ team: Jelena Despotović, Ivana Maksimović, Milica Mastilović, Sofija Simendić, Goran Štrbac
team leader: Bojan Stojković
music: Pink Floyd – Wish you were here (Cover)
location: The old Nitrogen Factory in Novi Sad
Disappearance, as a part of an overall process, is shown in an abandoned space, which incorporates life. Elements that revive the space are combining, producing new forms, isolating, as a hint of disappearing, and finally reappearing, in order to point out a circular process and a new life of the space itself.

authors’ team: Saška Cvijanović, Vesna Lugonja, Miljana Popović, Anđela Subotić
team leader: Aleksandar Bede, Miroslav Dimitrijević
music: Hiqulus – Water above
location: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Summer Stage
Sometimes one needs only fragments of an image to perceive and understand them as a whole. Speaking of a city, these fragments can “escape“ from original time, but their effect can remain present long after vanishing, providing segments that reconstruct the overall image and the layers of memory.

authors’ team: Tamara Grujić, Sanja Madžovska, Jasna Simić
team leader: Nikola Crevar
music: Trentemøller – Shades of Marble
location: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Summer Stage
The world is in a constant process of disappearing, and a man, who is focused only on one point, does not notice changes that are happening around him. Indicated in an abstract manner, vanishing of a city is not only disappearance of material things, it is also followed by energy transformation.


authors’ team: Danilo Kordulup, Jelena Mitrović, Ivana Polić, Stefan Šćekić, Anna Tóth
team leader: Luka Ljumović
music: Francesco Durante – Vergin, tutto amor (Cover)
location: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Summer Stage
The last day of a city. Five people accepting this fact, each in a different way. Some of them remembering past, some experiencing the moment, and the others looking towards future that is about to come.


A Day to do Whatever
authors’ team: Adrijana Marinković, Vladan Perić, Aleksandar Radivojević, Tatjana Šolević
team leader: Vladimir Savić
music: Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet Remix)
location: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad
The space always continues to evolve within people. Projected as both real and imaginary world defined and shaped by human memory, it underlines contrast between the real environment and the subjective perception of space.

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We do not own the rights to songs used in films Adhesion, Space, A Day to do Whatever and Process; no copyright infringement intended. For educational and inspirational purposes only. The song in the film Layers was composed and performed by authors.