Tavern Serbia

kafana srbija 016


concept: Miljana Zeković, Radivoje Dinulović, Višnja Žugić
realisation: Miljana Zeković, Višnja Žugić, Bojan Stojković, Aleksandar Bede, Luka Ljumović, Luka Radaković, Milan Šimšić, Miroslav Dimitrijević

Tavern “Serbia” is the project created as an answer to the Venice Biennale of Architecture call for participating countries in 2012. The given theme for the overall exhibition was “Common Ground”. This entry reconsiders the facts of loosing the sense of togetherness and mutual fields, raises questions about existence in these kinds of circumstances, and offers the Tavern – the only common ground that has left in Serbia today. The Serbian pavilion in Venice would be represented through a living scenography – a construct made of different types of authentic ambients from real Serbian taverns and would include voluntarily participation of famous artists form all domains of art – theatre, music, literature and life.