Vesna Mićović: “Photo-studio ’The Republic of Užice’”

Vesna Micovic - Foto studio

The main subject of Vesna Mićović’s work is photographic image. This project, conceived as real photographic studio, contains the highest possible level of interactivity and represents semi-spontaneous or semi-directed performing event in which the process of creation of photography (seen as event construction) is abreast with the process of creation of photographic image (seen as visual art). Although not realised at the Yugoslav Theatre Festival (due to unforeseen reasons), this project was already performed twice in Belgrade dealing with two different topics – “Carnivals” and “Pioneers”. “The power of photography to appropriate reality or suspend time and events is irresistible”, says Vesna Mićović, “regardless of the fact that it is a fictional medium – time can not be stopped the way photography depicts it, while everything that photography shows might be a created reality”. This exact nature of the medium is explored as part of Vesna Mićović’s idea, inspired by the historical event – establishment of the first liberated territory in Europe during II World War, which survived for seventy three

Vesna Mićović (Belgrade, 1965) is a photographer. She graduated Photography from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. She is engaged in photography as contemporary art practice as an artist, a curator and a teacher. She exhibits her own art at solo and group exhibitions. At the same time, she is engaged in curatorial projects. Her works were on show in Serbia, Slovenia and France. She teaches photography at Nova Academy of Arts in Belgrade.