Marina Radulj: “Body never lies”

Marina Radulj i Monika Ponjavic - Tijelo nikad ne laze

At the same manifestation in Prague, Marina Radulj presented her art project “Body never lies” developed with the 4th year students of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Banjaluka. Together with Monika Ponjavić, Marina Radulj initiated and realised a complex research procedure in which students of architecture exploited their own bodies in the process of examining existential space, especially looking for the relation between space and event. Here, a body is seen both as instrument of spectacle and a building material. At the same time, body represents physical frame for inner space, theatrical and dramatic similarly to the physical space inhabited by the bodies. This project, realised in the public space of Banjaluka, media spaces of photography and video, virtual space of various construction means, as well as spiritual space of each individual and a group as a whole, was completed by a performing event which could be classified as site-specific. It used a space of the “Tereza” building, constructed for military purposes during Austro-Hungarian government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, later used by ex-Yugoslav National Army, then Republic of Srpska Army and, finally, given to local university for educating young architects. This space of exceptional environmental value and strong performing potential already was exploited for various artistic researches as part of the architectural curriculum. However, this project made it true dramatic space, the one that Ognjenka Milićević called “space: drama character”.

Marina Radulj (Banjaluka, 1978) is an architect. She graduated Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she works as higher teaching instructor and architect. She received PhD in Scene Design from the University of Arts in Belgrade, and was a visiting scholar at the Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Architecture. Her PhD project entitled BA(O)SNA deals with experiencing space and articulating narratives of confused identities in public spaces. Currently she has been developing artistic and research project BODYENEVERLIES with Monika Ponjavić.