Dorijan Kolundžija: “Displacements”

Dorijan Kolundzija - Izmestanje

Art work “Displacements” by Dorijan Kolundžija represented Serbia at the Prague Quadrennial 2011, the most important world manifestation dedicated to performance space and design. This project has been initiated as a collaborative platform to explore principal aspects of contemporary art production and live performance. It consists of six small “black boxes” – physical spaces which, at the same time, compose frame for virtual space of holographic performing events, performed and recorded in another real space. “Video, audio, performance streaming, web presence and holographic projection are the mediums used as materials from which the artwork emerges”, say Dorijan Kolundžija and co-curators Ana Adamović and Milica Pekić. The work deals with the questions of physical presence and absence, direct and mediated experience (of both performer and the audience) and intimate in relation to the spectacular (performance vs. watching). It, also, raises the question of exhibiting elements of performing event outside the actual performing space, as well as storing and archiving of the performing work. “Displacements”, therefore, represents extraordinary scene design work in every of the mentioned aspects.

Dorijan Kolundžija (Belgrade, 1976) is applied graphics and new media artist. He graduated Applied Graphics from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and received MA in Fine Arts, Design, Art and Technology from Peck School of the Arts at the American University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He was artistic director of the Belgrade Summer Festival. Currently Kolundžija runs „Gallery 12+” new media solutions studio and works as artistic director of KIOSK platform for contemporary arts. He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and internationally. He is a lecturer in new media at Megatrend University in Belgrade, School of Art and Design.