Retrospective exhibition of the synthesis project of third year students, BSc Scene Architecture, Technique and Design was opened on June 16th 2017. In the last, sixth phase of the synthesis project, students presented the outcomes of the entire process of the synthesis project at the Scene Laboratory “Borislav Gvojić”.


AMBIENTAL SCENE SPACES OF SUBOTICA – Experience of the immediate past

Realization period: October 2016 – May 2017.

Project leader: Dr Radivoje Dinulović, full professor

Practice manager: Karl Mičkei, teaching assistant

Team of professors: Miljana Zeković, Slobodan Danko Selinkić, Romana Bošković, Radivoje Dinulović, Mia David, Dobrivoje Milijanović, Tatjana Dadić Dinulović, Jelena Janev


Team of associates: Aleksandra Pešterac, Daniela Dimitrovska, Darinka Mihajlović, Dragana Vilotić, Karl Mičić, Milica Stojšić, Višnja Žugić, Vladimir Ilić

Student demonstrators: Bojana Nikolić, Maja Vujović, Una Jankov, Andreja Rondović, Aleksandra Polić, Tamara Tomanić, Jelena Stojkečić, Jovana Plavšić

During the third year of bachelor studies students developed their works under the mentorship of professors, assistants and demonstrators. The synthesis project consists of six phases (Initiation, Research, Space, Theatre Play, Event and Documentation) and includes four teaching subjects (Scene Architecture, Scene Technique, Scene Design, and Artistic Practice of Scene Design).

The theme of this year’s synthesis project is the research of the immediate past of the city of Subotica as a town with an extremely rich theater and scene contemporary history. The students studied the cultural and theater heritage of Subotica as well as influential drama writers whose activity is closely related to the area of ​​this city.

In this project, each student separately designed an ephemeral theatre structure based on the opus of the assigned dramatic writer (Miroslav Krleža, Ferenc Deak, Dušan Jovanović, Aleksandar Popović and Goran Stefanovski), after which based on the selected work of the given playwright, students designed the conceptual scene design for the theatre play.

The next step was the artistic action of students in the premises of the National Theater – Népszínház, realized within the Night of Museums event, where students came up with their ideas on the spot and designed and performed works as a part of the process of their synthesis projects.

The final stage is a retrospective exhibition that represents the final step of this project. 254 days is the duration of the work process, which resulted in this exhibition. Also, this time period is closely related to the space in which the project originated.

Photographs: Luna Šalamon