An exhibition of students of the second year of doctoral studies of Scene Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad was opened on May 27th 2017. The exhibition “Confrontation” (Suočavanje) was realized as part of the accompanying program of 62. Sterijino pozorje festival in the gallery of Šok zadruga in Novi Sad. This exhibition entitled “Suočavanje” was conceived as an exhibition of six individual artworks in the field of stage design, incorporated into a multi-media site-specific spatial installation. As a starting point for the artistic research and the establishment of a common narrative, a number of individual themes inspired by the fairy tale Lead soldier by Hans Christian Andersen were found. Individual artistic expressions can also be characterized as a testimony of personal conflict with a subject that is the authentic burden of the author, with the ultimate goal of awakening a new feeling through each of the confrontations to develop awareness of the difficulty of a collective struggle. Confrontation here, first of all, relates to the process of establishing a new attitude towards the key determinants of one’s own life, and finding foundation in an intimate search of the very decisions, dilemmas, fears and memories whose direct influence initiated the need for such a confrontation. The joint narrative was created as a result of the process of artistic research, in which the authors, in parallel with the creation of individual poetics, developed the awareness of collective poetic testimony. The means used in the realization of work differ in relation to the poetic ideas and intentions of each of the authors, and the forms of the works are conditioned by the spatial character of the gallery and showcase of Šok zadruga.

Confrontationconsists of six artworks:

It’s terrible to live in a world that is disappearing / Strašno je živeti u svetu koji nestaje(Marija Lipkovski Barna)

Subjection / Contours of memories-feelings / Subjekcija / Konture (o)sećanja (Darinka Mihajlović)

Freedom of free will?! / Sloboda slobodne volje?!(Sofija Mitrović)

Obesity – Hang it / Obesity – Obesi ti (Dragana Pilipović)

Who the fuck cares, bear it! / Ko te jebe, trpi! (Vladimir Savić)

Visible nothing / Vidljivo ništa (Dejan Todorović)

The exhibition was realized as a synthesis project of students of the second year of doctoral studies of Scene Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, and the outcome is the work within four teaching subjects: New Practices in Space Design, New Practices in Time Design, New Practices in Visual Image Design and New practices in Sound Design.

Professors: Jelena Atanacković Jeličić, Ivan Pravdić, Marko Lađušić i Zoran Maksimović

Authors: Marija Lipkovski Barna, Sofija Mitrović, Darinka Mihajlović, Dragana Pilipović, Vladimir Savić i Dejan Todorović

Curators: Tatjana Dadić Dinulović i Jelena Atanacković Jeličić


Photography: Luna Šalamon