On Saturday, May 20, 2017, as a part of the Long Night of Museum manifestation, students of the third year of bachelor studies of Scene Architecture, Technique and Design performed the artistic action entitled On the construction site, again at the Народно позориштe – Narodno kazalište –Népszínház – National Theater in Subotica.

Through various artistic spatial interventions and actions, students led the audience through the Народно позориштe – Narodno kazalište –Népszínház – National Theater, which is currently under construction, dealing with common, group and individual topics. This artistic action is the final part of a one-year synthesis project in which students were engaged in identification, research, evaluation and new creative reading of specific objects and space of the city of Subotica as a part of their curriculum. You can see the results of this research here.

The space of the National Theater is still under construction, but this does not mean that it cannot be used. The construction site, due to its openness, bareness and purification, our generation, born in 1995, associated with a space for playing. We all played in unfinished houses, creating different worlds, and through play it was possible to achieve freedom, honesty and fearlessness. Today we find freedom in alternative spaces of modern institutions, which have moved into abandoned or unfinished spaces due to spatial restrictions. We find concrete close to us, and this site is a place for us to play. With these spatial interventions we wanted to show that the institution does not have to be an alternative, but it can be used as an unlimited playground.

Photos by Milica Stojšić (cover) and Luna Šalamon

Partners in the project:

Long Night of Museum / Noć muzeja

Народно позориштe – Narodno kazalište – Népszínház – National Theater

Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology (Scen)

Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad