SCENE LABORATORY is an exhibition of students’ works developed within teaching process at various courses  through the application of scene design education principles – from teaching scene and ephemeral architecture, architectural design, scene technique and design, through the studies of theatre and performing arts, scene movement, performance, film and video, to drawing, sculpture, photography and graphic design. The exhibition also includes students’ works created at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, outside regular courses.

The exhibition consists of three segments.

First segment, MEANS, addresses the way students gain and develop means of expression, i.e. how they learn and master various means through the use of different forms, media and processes. Exhibited sketches, drawings, collages, scale models, objects and sculptures represent results of the teaching process.

Second segment, EXPRESSIONS, showcases the development of various types of expressions based on the previously gained means. Exhibited video material, photographs and sound installations resulted from workshops, which were also part of the teaching process.

Third segment, REFLECTIONS, addresses how teaching process could be reflected in other educational and artistic processes and projects in the form of two documentary films. The film Border from 2014, showcases the artistic work created by the first generation of undergraduate students of Scene Architecture, Technique and Design. The film Process or What DOES matter to me presents Serbia’s student section at Prague Quadrennial 2015, with students of undergraduate, master and doctoral studies of scene design and architecture as the members of the team.

Friday, 15th January, 16.00h
public guidance through the exhibition, Dragana Vilotić

Sunday, 17th January, 11.00h
SCEN kindergarten, Dragana Pilipović and Sanja Maljković
(only with special participation announcement)

Tuesday, 19th January, 16.00h
public guidance through the exhibition, Jelena Janev

Wednesday, 20th January, 16.00h
public guidance through the exhibition, Milica Stojšić
public guidance is realized by Doctoral students of Scene design.

Exhibition curators:
Tatjana Dadić Dinulović, Daniela Dimitrovska and Vladimir Ilić

Exhibition design:
Daniela Dimitrovska and Vladimir Ilić

Graphic design:
Dragana Pilipović

Production director:
Romana Bošković

Technical team:
Karl Mičkei, Dragana Vilotić, Milica Stojšić, Vladimir Savić and Dušan Mamula

Photo credit: Luna Šalamon, Tanja Žarić and Miroslav Živanov