PERFORMANCE DESIGN & SPACE: Prague Quadrennial and the Expanded Global Stage

PERFORMANCE DESIGN & SPACE: Prague Quadrennial and the Expanded Global Stage

Dr Dorita Hannah, visiting professor

Monday, 17th Novembar 2014, 20 h
Amphitheatre ‘’RankoRadović’’ AH1a
Faculty of  Technical Sciences, 6 Trg Dositeja Obradovića, Novi Sad

On Monday, 17thNovember DrDorita Hannah gave a lecture titled Scene design and performing space: Prague Quadrennial and the expanded global stage, dedicated to the one of the most important global events in the field of performing arts.

As a place for global meeting and considering the extended meaning of the terms such as ‘scenography’, ‘theatre architecture’, ‘scenedesign’ and ‘performing space’, Prague Quadrennial has become a center of continuous interdisciplinary dialogue. Professor Dorita Hannah will, within her lecture, payspecial attention to a modified nature of this manifestation through the presentation and consideration of a number of projects which she has participated in at the Quadrennial since 1995. These include the Heart of PQ (2003) and Now/Next: Performance Space at the Crossroads (2011). Dorita Hannah’s total creative and teaching work, as well as all her research projects, is directed towards the intersection of spatial, visual and performing arts, while her interdisciplinary practice includes work in the areas of scenofraphy, installation, interior design and exhibitions, as well as consulting work related to theatre architecture and projects dealing with the relation between architecture and dance.

Dr Dorita Hannah is a professor at the Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland) and at the University of Tasmania (Australia). She is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

The lecture was in English and it represents a part of the course “The current situation in art.”

Video: Slavko Pavlović