Dr Dorita Hana (Dorita Hannah)


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Professor Hannah’s creative work, teaching and research focus on the intersection between the spatial, visual and performing arts. Her own interdisciplinary practice incorporates scenographic, interior, exhibition and installation design, as well as a specialized consultancy in theatre architecture and the creation of international dance-architecture projects. Focusing on ‘event-space’ her work investigates how the built environment housing an event is itself an event and an integral driver of experience. Dr Hannah is an active contributor to the Prague Quadrennial (PQ) and World Stage Design (WSD), while sitting on several editorial and executive boards; including PSi (Performance Studies international), OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects & Technicians) and Performance Paradigm. Her publications include Performance Design, an anthology on trans-disciplinary design performativity, as well as the guest editorship of journals with themed issues on Performance/Architecture and Sceno-Architecture. Dr Hannah has gained international awards for her design and research, is currently Theory Curator for WSD and PQ, and co-conceived and curated Fluid States, PSi’s 2015 globally dispersed conference. She is completing a book for publication by Routledge Press titled Event-Space: Theatre Architecture & the Historical Avant-Garde.