PQ’s journey from an exhibition to a festival

Theatralia: Journal of Theatre Studies

Theatralia: Journal of Theatre Studies is a peer-reviewed journal of theatre history and theory issued by Masaryk University since 2009. The journal, led by Šárka Havlíčková as the editor-in-chief, focuses on previously overlooked theatre history and theory areas, especially in the Czech cultural context. However, published articles deviate in several languages (Czech, Slovak, English, German).


Theatralia is now a part of the PQ Knowledge Exchange Platform.



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How do we see performance design/scenography?


Performance design/scenography today is often presented through live and immersive experiences, where all senses can be involved and the audience members take on an active role. We see performance design/scenography as an art form that goes beyond the visual, into experiential and sensorial realm with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, giving creative expression to new ideas and experiments. See more about PQ’s visions at the website.

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PQ’s journey from an exhibition to a festival

Since the beginning of PQ in the late 1960s until about the turn of the millennium, exhibitions of models, sketches of designs, performance photographs presented the international developments in scenography were central to the Prague Quadrennial Exhibitions. Since 2003, more and more countries have been bringing exhibitions that included performative elements, drew the viewer into new imaginary spaces, and turned audiences into active participants. The 2023 edition will recognize the need to experience performance design/scenography in its performative format: live and with audience engagement. Our recognition of these predominant trends has led us to rename PQ a festival rather than an exhibition.

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