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February 2018Artist-in-Residency Open Call Spring 2018


Open call for artists: Technology & performing arts


Artist-in-residence driven research project

In the Spring of 2018, Hotel Pro Forma will launch a new initiative, supported by Nordic Culture Contact and the Danish Arts Foundation. As part of the on-going artistic research in the company, we are establishing a new artist-in-residence driven research focus on the meeting between technology and performing arts. Over the coming years, Hotel Pro Forma will invite artists to come work with us in exploring how VR technology and the expanding possibilities of virtual worlds can be translated into a physical performing arts experience. 

The artists will be offered the resources and space of the Hotel Pro Forma studio in Copenhagen, including the assistance of our interns, a group of 8-10 highly motivated and skilled young creatives and artists. 

In 2018, we invite Nordic or Baltic based artists for two separate artist residencies focused on the meeting between technology and performing arts. Both residencies will work towards exploring the simple translation of VR into a physical space using video projections. The artists selected for the residencies will work within the framework of our research objectives, using their own artistic, creative and imaginative powers to push technology and art. 

•    The Spring residency: during the period of April-June 2018. 
•    The Fall residency: during the period of October-December 2018. 

April-June 2018 residency period: March 5, 2018
October-December 2018 residency period: August 13, 2018

Photo ©Laura Vanseviciene

Brothers Lionheart premiere, Vilnius

On January 20, we reached the end of a long and fruitful process: “Brothers Lionheart” premiered in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Jaunimo Teatras (State Youth Theatre). Hotel Pro Forma staged the performance, including concept, script, and space by Kirsten Dehlholm and Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer, who also did respectively directing and co-directing, complimented by comprehensive compositions and sound design by Kristian Hverring. 

The performance is based on the children’s book from 1973 with the same title by acclaimed Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Luckily, we got the rights to edit the text for the stage, which set the path for a unique adaptation, including a heavy focus on audible elements and video projections.

Brothers Lionheart will be performing until April 26.

“In my opinion, such a performance should be aimed at both children and adults. I do not know when I am a child and when I’m an adult. I still like children’s things. I hope “Brothers Lionheart” will be loved by both parents and their offspring.” 
/Kirsten Dehlholm, for Naujienos, LT

“With this performance, Dehlholm has created a new aesthetic field, combining narrative and psychological theater and the performative and formal presentation. The determination of the work is core, as it seems to, inevitably and unpredictably, transcend the meaningless. In Dehlholm’s optics, art is creating reality, both in structure and in content. It obviously opens for re-mediations of many different stories.”   /Peripeti, DK

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CPH BreakFast

CPH BreakFast

A new community for arts professionals in Copenhagen

Join us for a cozy time, coffee and sneak peeks into projects and work-in-progress from your colleagues across the performing arts world. Start the day in good company with a free breakfast. Get new ideas and insights from our special guests. Or perhaps you have valuable experience that you want to share with your colleagues?

For anyone working professionally with cross-disciplinary art forms within performing arts and/or music. For each CPH BreakFast, we invite a special guest to talk about a current or upcoming project. First special guest:Kristján Ingimarsson.

First CPH Breakfast: Tuesday, March 6, 9-10 am. 

Hotel Pro Forma,Strandlodsvej 6B, DK-2300 København S

The CPH BreakFast sessions are organized and curated by Hotel Pro Forma and Karen Toftegaard ApS.

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Brothers Lionheart

20.01. – 26.04. 2018: Brothers Lionheart

State Youth Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania



25.02. 2018: The Reality between Realities

Filmskolens Efteruddannelse, Copenhagen, Denmark

CPH BreakFast

06.03. – 29.05. 2018: CPH BreakFast

Hotel Pro Forma, Copenhagen, Denmark




16.03. 2018: Parsifal

Teatr Wielki, Poznan, Poland



21.03. 2018: NeoArctic 

Chassé Theatre, Breda, Holland

14.04. 2018: NeoArctic
Place des Arts, Montréal, Canada

24.-25.05. 2018: NeoArctic
Southbank Centre, London, UK

On excursion with VR

Kirsten’s Image

Title: On excursion with VR

Photo: Kirsten Dehlholm
Hotel Pro Forma