Poziv za slanje radova – NONUMENT /// promenjeni datumi

Obaveštavamo vas da je datum održavanja najavljene Konferencije u Ljubljani pomeren za februar 2018. godine. Radove možete prijaviti najkasnije do 18. novembra u ponoć. 

In Search of Hidden Identities
Changes in the political and social structures of the 20th century have inherently shaped the way built environments of the era are perceived today. These changes call for a new approach to the evaluation, mapping, archiving and preservation of architecture, public spaces and monuments built in the 20th century.
Whether it is architecture serving as a witness of traumatic events or infrastructural projects that have lost their function, decaying monuments that have lost their (original) meaning or utopian structures and forgotten public spaces – these built environments carry symbolic value within their narrative, but are not necessarily recognised as monuments.